handing over heritages through entertainment



EthiDolls, developer of African signature dolls and accessories that teach history and tradition and celebrate cultural diversity, introduced its Makeda, Queen of Sheba doll, story book and CD last week in the

The collectible quality doll  and accessories are based on the ancient legend of Queen Makeda, the first female ruler of
Ethiopia. The dolls are hand-crafted for EthiDolls by Madame Alexander, producer of several popular collectible doll lines. The costumes, hand-woven in
Ethiopia, are rich in detail and authentic reproduction of the traditional dress still worn today. A young
Ethiopia artist created beautiful illustrations for the accompanying full cover story book. The CD provides a compelling narration of Queen Makeda rising to the throne and her relationship with King Solomon.   
The work of EthiDolls is thought to be an initiative to provide the often criticized western cultural mentality of African children in western countries, with the real traditional and historic figure of their roots. “In this fast-paced and media-savvy age, we hope to enrich the lives of young black girls and their multicultural playmates through a collectible line of educational African royality dolls and other traditional products from Africa,” said Selome Yilma, EthiDolls’ chief executive officer. Selome conceived and designed the line along with Yeworkwoha Ephrem, EthiDolls executive vice president. Both women are Ethiopian natives and
New York City entrepreneurs.
Choosing dolls for educational purpose is supposed to be effective in reaching and appealing the target group. Monica Eng of Chicago Tribune said that the superior quality and authenticity of the product would also appeal to the doll collector community which vies with stamps and miniatures number one hobby group in the world. EthiDolls has launched Makeda Merchandize as African culture emerges into popular consciousness.
EthiDolls will launch several dolls based on African royal figures in 2007.
Established in 2003, the EthiDolls’ mission is to develop unique dolls and related accessories that help children and adults embrace the African heritage, culture and tradition, as well as teach the wonders of diversity  “We  believe that connection to the rich historic cultural heritage of Africa will be a good source for young people to extract a sense of pride and self-empowerment,” according to a press statement issued by the company.

published in “The Reporter “

By Abiy Solomon

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