Bewketu on ethiomirror

the newly launched website by abiy Teklemariam and friends is splendid in its content variety. the renowned young poet and writer bewketu has his own tab that leads to his amharic articles. for more info look in to ethiomirror

8 thoughts on “Bewketu on ethiomirror

  1. I am very eager to browse ethiomirror since I have read its advertising from newspaper.I wish you happy working time for all of staff’s of ethiomirror.


  2. it is good to find you again. i was one of the former readers of MEZNAGNA. you created a better opportunity to be in touch with you again.thanks to Abiy and his friends, and we will be looking for Bewke!!!


  3. I am really happy to get yet another fantastic ideas of Abiy through this website.cos I am a big fan of him. I wish you a good working time to come.


  4. Hi Friends, I’m very happy to see you guys doing things that are of great value for our future. I believe todays young people who believe in creating chances for the free flow of ideas are the great leaders of Ethiopia, now and then. What you have been doing in Meznagna and now on Addis Neger is very fantastic. I wish if I could contribute to any of your efforts, cause I share you all of your ideas … May the help of the Almighty be with you always………
    Best wishes,
    Eyob Balcha


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