Tewodros Taddesse is coming home

Tewodros Taddesse, the renowned and the most charismatic Ethiopian musician, will be here to present concerts and to tour regional cities, it was learnt from Sol Advertising and promotion, organizer of the event. He will be back after 16 years of stay in America. He will also release a new song. Billboard on Bole Street having a picture of Tewodros with a phrase “I’m coming” is hyping up his home-coming.
Tewodros Taddesse is regarded as a role model by famous musicians of the time, including Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro). His music has won him wide acclaim and acceptance, especially his last album, “Zimta” (silence) made with a modern musical composition by Abegazu Kibrework.
After his last album, he was very much expected to release another. However, the news of his home-coming seems to subside all the enthusiasm with the hope to see him singing live on stage.
He recently appeared on the collection album which artists in America made for HIV/AIDS education entitled “Ennoralen Gena” (we will survive) and on a Spiritual Song Video.

3 thoughts on “Tewodros Taddesse is coming home

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  2. Oh Tedy, he is such an extraordinary singer that Ethiopia has ever had. I feel something whenever i listen his albums (all of them). They have their own quality! Oh Tedy, i admire,adore, respect u a lot. His coming back to his home country make me to increase my respect for him. I never thought i would see him in Ethiopia. But i just couldn’t get a chance to see him personally. I am proud of being an Ethiopian when i see the people to welcome him at the airport. I wanted to be there but didn’t know when he will be in Addis. HE DESERVES ALL THE BEST AND GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY. I HAVE NO WORDS TO SAY HOW I FEEL ABOUT TEWODROS TADESSE BUT HE CREATES HAPPINESS TO MY SOUL.


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