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Chosen from millions

Mesfin Habtemariam was the most lovable artist. He is known for his design of the five tailed blue star on the current Ethiopian flag. He is one of the artists who founded the nation’s famous Amharic weekly- Addis Admas. His friends cherish their memory of him by talking about his artistic, real, unmaterialistic and joyful life. An article on this week’s Addis Admas by his closest friend Alazar Samuel relates about one interesting experience Mesfin has encountered with some Nigerian. Mesfine told his friend to tell it to the public sometime in the future. And his friend kept his promise.

7 thoughts on “Chosen from millions

  1. Whatever happend to his paintings?? Thank you for keeping Mesfinee’s name alive! I was googling to find a circle of my friends from late 1988/89 and obviously my search ended with great dissapointments. And then i was wondering about Mesfin’s paintings wherabouts, or what the Ethiopian art community would say about his passion with art so on.. and guess what? i ended up here.
    I had a very brief occasions hunging out with him, but very precious time. He was very charming, unbelivably the coolest guy. I’ve a vivid memory of his art studio at city hall back then. One time we were hunging out his studio and we saw a pile of florecent lights in his studio and asked him what’s for. To my surprise, he said that, when he get furstrated, angry, it gives him great pleasure by breaking it into pieces. He was vey unique individual.
    Please, send me links where i can find more info about him.


  2. I wish I know what kind of font Addis Admas uses. I am not able to read the link. I too have so many fond memories of Mesfinee.whatevery free time we got his studio was where we love to hang out. I remember his unique laughter; his jokes, most of all his forgetfulness, I too wonder what happened to his paintings.


  3. I am one of his closest friends, during 1991-1997, or he is one of the few best friends I ever had.
    For he is one of great personalities in Ethiopian contemporary art scene, I believe, I am disappointed for never able to see his name and work on the net.
    The materialist concept of ‘achievement’ blinded people to remember the inspiring minds behind every great achievement.
    Any ways, he was the source of inspiration for many artists, actors and writers around him.
    I think those artists, actors and writers have a responsibility to tell the real stories about him, not that cliché appraisal for every passed away artist in Ethiopia.

    Hope to see a news about his works and writings on show soon.


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