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Meznagna reappeared with an alias

The late weekly Amharic newspaper Meznagna has reappeared on market after two years with another name Addis Neger. The newspaper had gained huge popularity during Election 97 with its deep, analytic and scholarly political reporting. However, the paper was the victim of the political turmoil that prevailed following the election which eroded almost all private newspapers.   

The paper has reappeared being comprised of the former editorial staff whose managing editor is Abiy Teklemariam. Its first issue has retained the former flavor of Meznagna in its presentation. “I think it will be a giant competent to Addis Admas that controlled the Amharic newspaper market dominantly. And as one may witness, it is worth preference,” said a graphics designer of one of the Amharic newspapers.

 Many agree that the success of Meznagna with in that short time is due to its deep and analytic political reporting which most of them is feature news. It gained popularity at the time because of its relatively balanced reporting though some say that it had became one major sympathizer for oppositions, especially to Kinjit.  

21 thoughts on “Meznagna reappeared with an alias

  1. I agree with the idea that the main quality the either Meznagna or Addis Neger have is their scholarly analysis of the topics they cover. I took it as a short summary of an intellectual discourse. I’m reading othr newspapers just to have some information about the title they have. But with regard to Addis Neger, I


  2. Continued …

    I READ ADDIS NEGER TO HAVE A THROUGH KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE ISSUE. I had the chance to have a better understanding about the crisis in CUD, then about HR 2003 and Our Economic Dev’t, and now I’m grasping core issues with regard to the Ethio-Eriterian War. I don’t think that I can get such kinds of timely issues on any other newspaper or any other media in a balanced and summerised manner. Moreover, I really admire the editorial staff for their effort to include scholarly insight in their analysis, I’m sure you’ll keep it up and I’m happy for that…


  3. i am livining in the u.s. i was one of the fan for meznaghe and i really wish to have you online,please do it as soon as abiy


  4. I was a dedicated customer to Addis Admas, which still I believe is one of the two best newspapers in Ethiopia, but now, next to Addis Neger. I have now diverted to reading Addis Neger even if I still love Addis Admas.


  5. since from the first publication till now is very attractive, rational, reliable source for all us ,because, the trend of most amharic journalists have been very biased which tend to lead fantasy, distorted and nightmare in the mental process of readers so that addis neger is the opposite of all the above weakdness.
    thankyou for your meticulousness, do more and better and best. for all addis neger journalists and analysts.


  6. I have a growing interest in Weeklies. Previously I had been reading the two “best” newspapers Addis Admas and the Amharic version of Reporter. But now a better newspaper has arrived and my interest in the old newspapers has shifted to it. It is Addis Neger. I love it because it carries strong messages in a tone others would not dare. My hope is it will dig in into deeper information and fill the unquenching gap between need and supply.


  7. come on guys, Abiy T/mariam is a victim of the Britain culture. we all know that when he wants to say anything, he starts by saying ”’the british say”’, so , to me a paper whose editor is Abiy…….simply,I dont buy it
    It to nothing to do with him…..but to the people of the tiny island, who thinks they know everything and they are always in charge……LONG LIVE TO DIEGO MARADONA


  8. adis neger is a newspaper tha i am keen to read every week but it is some times difficult to have it on time in mekellecity please solve the distribution problem since u have many readers in the city


  9. it is true that Addis Neger is Analytical and known based on its scholarly feature, however, the newspaper are devoid of fun, and interesting news.It seems full of academic reference in a certain subject specially it is boring for those Ethiopian reader who does not have a reading culture.Finally I advise you to conduct a survey on the need of all Ethiopian reader.For the time being, I confess that it is the best and the top newspaper in Ethiopia.take care it should not be a mouth of some group even if some convergence of idea is their.


  10. what an interesting paper is it. thanks mesfin,abiy, tamirat,tesfalem, tesfaye,masresha,abraham,tsion,……………….and…………


  11. Dear all
    i hope you all are save , it was a week of sorrow for me and lots of my friends.
    it seems things are getting hard in Ethiopia i can’t see anything positive .
    you guys were helping us to discuss ideas than humans .
    i wish if this is not the last , even if web business is at zero level pls find a way to address ur thought. thank you very much for making me a better person


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