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‘Hummer’ for Abune Paulos?

His holiness Abune Paulos, patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is going to be awarded the American made Hummer car being named “cleric of the millennium,” reported Addis Neger on Saturday December 30.






According to sources of the newspaper, the committee established for the award is fundraising money from different member churches, NGOs and tycoons. The exclusive sources also have a doubt that the committee, which is collecting money in the name of saints and holy fathers of the church, has recognition from the Holy Synod  The committee is expected to fundraise about 4 million Birr (430, 108 USD) so far with which it is proposed to buy Hummer.  An award is given to someone with the supposition that it would be a symbolic honor for the achievement of the receptor. What symbol and honor would Hummer be for the holy patriarch of the nation? It has become ridiculous and weird for me.  

11 thoughts on “‘Hummer’ for Abune Paulos?

  1. He is is double-minded and should tell the truth to his followers. Ethiopian Orth was the true church once upon a time but these kings and popes ‘contaminated” it. My country is a christian nation , please teach the right theology about Christ.

    Hummer??? Oh Oh Ohhhh, Bemariam,Think of Jesus and the deciples, they borrowed a donkey.
    With the 4 million, they better feed orphans


  2. i am a protestant. previously we were fooled by our previous governments and churchmen. i think now no body is acting like God. b/c nobody is like him. so currently our pops and government are showing us that they are not more complicated than a simple man born of human kind dedicated to the work of God’s plans. i appreciate that. this showes that they have no pride like their predecessors. O messeret let God forgive u for what u said. do you remember what happened to the sister of mossess for what she said anto him……read it please


    • kassahun , do you compare MOSES with Aba poulos for the sake of truth ? you must be jocking. Any person that born of woman could be judged by the BIBLE, if he do not go according the BIBLE, do not fear him, even Pope or Patriarch.


  3. meseret,take care of your tongue.”be kidusan lay yeminager ye shingela kenfer dida yihun yilal yeegziabher kal.”his holliness Abune paulos,was not elected by you , but he was elected by god.if you envy him,fry day and night and don’t be married.kita be kededew af zim bilesh dinich kofari liji.


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