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National Flag Day- back to reality

The colorful green, yellow, and red Ethiopian flag has long been a symbol of unity, Ethiopianness, Ethiopian pride, and an inalienable entity to Ethiopia. It is recognized with respectful reverence to the extent that the saying Bebandiraw (By the flag) could become a phrase to bind one to do what is wanted.




Seeing the flag on the victory of our athletes and on such similar occasions makes us fell the running blood in our veins. The flag is imbued with such nationalistic feelings parceled in its harmonious color combination.


Its color being the same, the symbol in the middle of the flag has been altered in Hailesilssie’s, Derg regime and the present government. Not only the symbol but also the respect and reverence granted to it has also varied respectively. Especially the current government which is often blamed to lack a sense of nationalism and unity disappointed the people when Meles Zenawi disregarded and disrespected the flag saying that he doesn’t  attribute the flag  any other than its being  a mere sheet of cloth.


However, now the National Flag Day is going to be celebrated on July 5. I see it as a progressive act of restoring what is essentially Ethiopian.

One thought on “National Flag Day- back to reality

  1. Although I hate this flag, I don’t have any problem if some imperialistic shewans want some “Flag DAY”. I respect their opinion


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