Saga of Teddy’s trial still continues

Many conceived hope that the trial adjourned for July 5 would be an end and Teddy Afro will be released free. However, the trial is still adjourned for July 11 because of errors in the hospital document the court ordered the prosecutor to present.

Inconsistencies on the medical certificate of the cadaver investigation of the victim have delayed the court’s rule. One of the problems was that the certificate is dated one day after the day Teddy Afro is supposed to commit the crime. In addition, from the two signatories on the document presented first by the prosecutor and on the other that the court ordered to be presented, one of the signatories is different in the later. Thus Teddy’s lawyer has appealed the court to release his client free since it is impossible to present two evidences on one charge.

Neway Debebe, a popular musician, went to the house of Teddy’s mother after visiting Teddy at Kaliti prison. He told a weekly Amharic that Teddy’s mother was preparing to welcome her son at home on Friday, July 4 and that he saw his families and relatives gardening and painting their house with hope that Teddy would be released free.

In related news, his fans were not allowed to attend the trial and even some were arrested for wearing a t-shirt on which Teddy’s picture is printed. Besides only his family members and few other relatives are allowed to visit him at prison.


4 thoughts on “Saga of Teddy’s trial still continues

  1. wrong people….
    i love you teddya……
    egezabeharen batam naw yamamasagenaw endanta ayenat sawe la ethiopia selasatat…….
    i love u
    i luv u
    million times i love u


  2. Enough of this nonsense! The court system of Ethiopia appears to be very unfair. Give the young man, Teddy, his due process to a fair trial, so that justice can prevail over this unjust system of punishing the people before giving them a fair chance to prove the charges leveled against them. STOP DELAYING JUSTICE! SET TEDDY FREE! DO THE RIGHT THING, ETHIOPIA, NOW!


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