Update on Teddy Afro

The seventh adjourned trial of Teddy Afro was held on July 11, Friday. According to the court’s order in the previous trial, medical director of Menilik Hospital was present to give explanation on the pathology investigation and on the fallacious documents found in the documents presented. He told the court that there is no mistake, content wise, in the document except for the date inconsistency.


In the trial Teddy was allowed to speak for the first time. His speech has moved people in the court to tears.


“What I want the honored court to know is that I’m a human being. Everyone is a human creature. God knows that I didn’t kill a person. I’ve been arrested and mistreated not getting justice being stung by flea for three months. I’m ill treated for not getting justice. Let anyone, who claims to be part of the government and be concerned for the country, render me justice. I didn’t kill a person! I didn’t kill a person!! Everybody look at me, I didn’t kill a person! “


Teddy will celebrate his birthday on July 14 in jail.


The court has adjourned the trial to June 21 for the final rule.

5 thoughts on “Update on Teddy Afro

  1. Teddyafro i know that you did not do that shit you are going to be realeased tommorrow. And i am waiting that day by praying for you. God bless you.And i am proud of you.


  2. we love you so much teddy u r our saul ,please try to court him in nice way he will ever kill aprson “&run away he is too young to die in jail ,people are expet from him many things he is our famous young teacher olso change as possible his appointment near good luck for young ethio son


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