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Tirunesh the lioness made it

The young, energetic agile and striding athlete Tirunesh Dibaba won the first gold medal for Ethiopia and Africa in women’s 10,000 race at the Beijing Olympic.she also broke the Olympic record long held by Derartu Tulu.


Despite her thin and delicate figure, Tirunesh exhorts an immense strength and vigor that Demissie Damte who was reporting from Beijing was compelled to call her “The Lioness” startled by her spectacular performance.


The victory of our athletes, especially at the Olympics, creates a significant sense of national pride and unity. Everyone celebrates the grandeur of Ethiopia at the Olympics. Their victory restores our ecstasy and cracks a smile of joy and pride in everyone’s face. Ethiopia’s Olympic victory brings to the fore the passion and synergy one fells for the country and the flag.



2 thoughts on “Tirunesh the lioness made it

  1. Realy I prode of Tirunesh Dibaba ! She is one of the greatest of our womens Athtlets that brought victory for our fatehr land and for all Africans.I believe that she will do more.
    Bracvo bravo Turiyee Keepup!


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