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Even on Bloody Feet

The November 10 issue of Newsweek magazine has come up with an article by the legendary Haile Gebresilsie entitled, Even on Bloody Feet.

I couldn’t surmise whether Haile himself wrote the article or some consultant shaped Haile’s narration into a well-written magazine article. I don’t often come across an African writer on TIME.  And I think it is a great privilege for Haile to impart his thoughts and experiences as an international figure on such renowned magazines like Newsweek.

In the article Haile relates his situation in the then Ethiopia ruled by military dictators at the dawn of his professional career.

He recollects the event on which he appeared in an official competition for the first time. It was a marathon race and the 16 year old Haile Gebresilasie had decided to push on through, despite his frail figure and ordinary wears.

In his persistence through the race his ‘locally made shoes made of flimsy rubber and canvas were coming apart’ and the heat from the sun-baked pavement was beginning to burn his feet through his worn out soles. But he made it being one of the top 100 runners.

“I swore I would never run again, but a week later I was standing in front of the regional president and an Army colonel who were reminding the athletes of our patriotic obligation to persevere. Though perhaps not in the intended way, the meeting inspired me to keep running. Sometimes we persevere in spite of what we are made to suffer and sometimes because of it,” Haile Remarks

See full article on Newsweek

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