In rescuing Limenih

In the early days of the EPRDF government, one of the few TV entertainment shows was the weekly 120. There were program hosts and artists who bought the spirit of entertainment and inspiration to the then environment in which air was congested with fear and insecurity following the government change. Among these prominent artists Alebachew Teka and Limenih Taddese were the most notable individuals.

Their short comedy plays have cracked a smile on our faces and brought a relief to the daily routine at the time when entertainment alternatives were non existent except the only Ethiopian Radio and Television.

Limenih Tadesse has character that makes him unique from his friend. To start with his dressing, his short brimmed kitchen pipe hat with short coated black suit was his signature wear. His fair complexioned face accompanied by the movement of his witty eyes witness the wealth of humor and comedy Limenih is gifted of.

One who came across his shows or plays never forgets this man of witty comedy. Though he and Alebachew were household names of comedy during their time, it wasn’t long before they disappeared from the stage. They went abroad and many years passed without hearing of them.

Their exile is excusable, since they had no additional means of making a living than the TV shows for which they weren’t even paid what they deserve. Their time wasn’t a bed of roses for a professional like them compared to the current market for comedians.

After long, Alebachew reappeared on the scene from his long stay in Israel pioneering the first talk show-Alebe Show. His homecoming raised another question of Limenih’s conditions and whereabouts. The questions incited public rumors; some claiming that he’s gone mad and some saying he became drug addict.

However, long after the rumors, news seemingly credible began to appear. And more recently his fans and friends opened a Facebook account to publicize the event prepared to fundraise the rescue of poor Limenih who is in dire conditions.

I could get no clear idea of what happened to this man of cherished personality and wit.

May God send him cure and a way out so that we can laugh with him again.

I really thank abesheet in giving us the current information on Limenih and on her previous concern of these lost celebrities in her post.

Join the facebook group in rescue of Limenih here

3 thoughts on “In rescuing Limenih

  1. HI Abiy do you remeberme? these is the gay that you meet at(CHATE BATE) around the foot ball stadeoum if remeber we chet chat what is going on around the world specialy in our country . I think you do know your stuff . for society that rewards idots over deep thinkers don’t get me wrong we made a lot of progess for a society that wasblinedfolded for years .I hope and pray a evrey day that my pepole awareness will surpass my expectation about the mixup between our religion and culture to make our ethiopia a better place for generation to come.finally you web site full of good stuff keep up the job>>>>>


  2. I really thank abesheet in giving us the current information on Limenih and on her previous concern of these lost celebrities in her post.

    Limenih is not just flesh and blood (for that he is) but a childhood hero of every kid living between Qebena and Zero Araat. So.. linking to his facebook fundraising cause is the least I could do. I plan to pay him a visit when I land @ Washington DC, Insh Allah, sometime next month (or the month after that). Will definitely post developments. Thanks for mentioning moi anyway. Will miss Addis Neger like hell.


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