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I didn’t visit you for I was sick

“One long ailing man who wished to be visited by his friends and relatives spent the time of his sickness alone without any visitor until he recovered. Then after, he went to every of his friends and relatives with a gift of vegetables satirically saying, ‘I didn’t visit you for I was sick'”

Limenih Taddese remarked in such a way when asked of his message to his fans.

It is to be remembered that Limenih has been sick when he was in America and that there were some concerted efforts to help him. ADDIS TIBEB had also covered these efforts.

Despite the fact that he was brought home to his families in Ethiopia, his conditions couldn’t improve. According to a report by the weekly Amharic Addis Admas, he is found sympathetic in a stressful and bizarre state of mind. Clad in shabby clothes, he usually sketches drawings on papers and wants people to buy him.

He is mesmerized and perplexed in his conversations. Responding to the question whether he needs help he said, “I would be happy if I get some money to change my clothes and drink coffee.” However, he doesn’t want to feel as one expecting alms and receive money freely. He wants people to buy him his drawings.

Given his pioneering role being a significant artist who laid the foundation for today’s Ethiopian comedy and who contributed his best during his time, he shouldn’t be bothered as to how he makes a living, according to Abraham Wolde. Nevertheless, nobody is observed taking the initiative to help him except few.

“When I came to Ethiopia, I expected a number of people gathered at the airport to welcome me. But there was no one except my family members,” he laments.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t visit you for I was sick

  1. It is disappointing for this article not to have provided the illness that he suffered from? Was it AIDS? Personally, as an Ethiopian-American, I believe that we should not be scared to criticize fellow Ethiopians just because of their stature. There is nothing more “inconsiderate” than for someone to not take another person seriously, sugar-coat everything they say, just to make their country or heroes sound impeccable. You all need to stop day-dreaming about your “pristine” culture.

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