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መኪና ብቻ ይኑርህ!-What it takes is just having a car! 

This is one of the best satyric pictures I came across on Facebook. There is a common belief among youth these days that it’s not basically the romantic attraction that counts so as to make the women of your dream yours (as the foolish traditional mentality holds), but the glitz and glamour of wealth, which instantly lays her down. And the first impression is made with the car you are riding. Thus, what a common metropolitan young man respond to your question of dating a certain women would be, “መኪና ብቻ ይኑርህ!” /just have a car and everything is easy/

… And in the picture a local tailor is featured taking measurement which also signifies the privilege he has got to flirt her. And a tailor is the owner of a sewing machine which is traditionally called “sewing car” (የስፌት መኪና)…. Here lies the satyric humor. ..

What it takes is just having a car!

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