Bewketu Seyoum comes up with a new poetry anthology

Book will be officially launched in the USA 

Bewketu Seyoum happened to be a remarkable literary figure in contemporary Ethiopian literature who could achieve prominent acceptance and applause with his published books of poetry, essays, and historical analysis. And this time he has come up with a new book of poetry entitled “የማለዳ ድባብ” (Atmosphere of Dawn).

The new book is comprised of more than 60 works of poetry and 3 poetic essays. Bewketu previously published 5 books which could get him revered honor and love in contemporary Ethiopian literature: Nuari Alba Gojowoch (poetry)-2005, Enkilfina Edime (Novella)- 2007, Yesat Dar Hasaboch (poetry)- 2010, Megbatina Mewtat (essay)-2010, and Ke’amen Bashager (essay)- 2016.
Among his works the book Ke’amen Bashager has recieved sharp critic with the strange approach Bewketu appeared with. The book is a collection of essays with a tinge of political and historical satire, sarcasm, analysis and even academic arguments. Ke’amen Bashager is also one of his best selling books so far.

Internationally, Bewketu represented Ethiopia at the Poetry Parnassus festival in London and was a Resident Writing Fellow at the prestigious Brown University. His works are translated and published in Callaloo journal, Vol 33/1, Winter 2010, published by the John Hopkins University Press. Some of the poems previously appeared in Modern Poetry in Translation, The Big Green Issue, in October 2008.
“Ye Maleda Debab” (የማለዳ ድባብ) will be officially launched in the USA at the “Branna Arts and Books Festival” at the Silver Spring Civic Center. The author himself will read some of his poetry and sign copies for those in attendance.

Here is one of Bewketu’s poems from his previous book with translation
Here are two poems from the new book

የምድረ በዳ በረከት


አንዲት ብርጭቆ ወይን 

አንዲት ጤፍ እንጀራ፣ አንዲት አሪፍ ቅኔ

እነዚህ ባሉበት፣ በምድረ በዳ ላይ፣ ቁጭ ካልሽ ከጎኔ

ሌላው ምን ይሰራል

ምድረ በዳው ሁሉ፣ አደይ ለብሶ ያድራል

(መነሻ ኃሳብ- ኦማር ካያም -Rubayat)

እኔ ወድሻለሁ


እኔ ወድሻለሁ

ታስሮ እንደመፈታት

እንደጣኦስ ውበት

እንደዝሆን ብርታት

ዳዊትን ከጎልያድ

ደርቦ እንደመምታት፤

እኔ ወድሻለሁ

ጦም ውሎ እንደመጉረስ

ወልዶ እንደመታረስ

ቶምቦላ እንደመድረስ

ካላሙዲ ንብረት

ግማሽ እንደመውረስ፤

እኔ ወድሻለሁ

እንደመቅደስ እጣን

እንዳፍለኛ ስልጣን

እኔ ያንች ቡዳ

ያንች ልዝብ ሰይጣን።

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