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Prof. Fikre claims exclusive historical account of Ethiopians & Jews in his new book

A new book by Professor Fikre Tolossa entitled “ስውሩና ያልተነገረው የአይሁዳውያን እና የኢትዮጵያውያን ታሪክ” (The hidden and untold history of the Jewish people and Ethiopians) which claims to contain exclusive historical accounts on the history of Ethiopians and Jews is now on sale in book stores. The book imparts history & information of the Jews and Ethiopians, which it claims is never heard and told about, that had relations traced back to a time 4000 years ago. The book is translated into Amharic from its originally written English version and discusses about historical figures like Yodit/Gudit in a strange way. “The reader would be astonished when I write saying ‘The favor Yodit/ Gudit made to Ethiopia’, since she is known setting the country in fire and is called “Esato” (The Fire) or Yodit/Gudit (Amazingly Scary). However, the fact is otherwise; while she hadn’t been Ethiopia’s enemy. It is to be reminded that Prof. Fikre’s recent book “The Source of the Oromo and Amhara races” had invoked critical criticism from many in different perspectives. The notable criticism was regarding the lack of professional and academic approach in his assertion of significant historical facts. His critiques have put his claims under question of authenticity and reliability given the non existence of appropriate reference and citation in his book. Though there is no much difference in the presentation of the new book. Prof. Fikre justifies this by saying, “Despite the fact that I’ve included certain references in the book, I didn’t over-load it with the list of citations and academic verbosity. This is because I wanted it to be read in an interesting way by the wide reader than the elites. History is basically written for the common people, not for the historians or the elites.” Having 238 pages the book is published by a Media Consultancy firm called Nebadan based in Addis Ababa. Professor Fikre Tolossa has presented articles, poetry and books in Amharic, English and German published in prominent media, anthology and journals locally and internationally. He is also privileged to have an encyclopedia entry in Encyclopedia of African Literature under the category “Who is Who in Poetry.” He currently serves as a Professor of Humanities at Lincoln University in Oakland, California, According to publisher’s press statement

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