Kennenisa bans release of documentary film based on his life

The Ethiopian long-distance run superstar, Kennenisa Bekele has banned the release of a documentary film entitled “Love Keeps Me Running” based on his life story, according to the weekly Amharic Reporter.

Abiy Fekibelu, producer of the film disclosed that Kennenisa has banned the film after the production is finalized saying that its release will affect his life and that the production is poor.

the production of the film was commissioned by the national tycoon Sheikh Al-Amoudi and his partner Abnet Gebremeskel allocating millions of birr.

Though Kennenisa basically justifies the ban with the film’s poor production, it is learnt that it has been produced by Lebanese professionals brought by Al-Amoudi. However the producer remarks that because the story of Kennenisa’s late concubine is included in the film it is supposed to make rough his relation with his current wife.

Kennenisa has given permission for the film’s production at first that can be proved by the contract agreements he signed. He even claims that he has invested about three million birr for the production. but finally he happened to change his mind on the case that his life would be affected, according to Abiy as quoted by Reporter.

Kennenisa Bekele lost his first concubine Alem in an accidental heart attack while both were jogging in the outskirts of Addis some years ago. He is recently wed with another girl who acted in one of the Amharic films- The 11th Hour.

5 thoughts on “Kennenisa bans release of documentary film based on his life

  1. Wasn’t Alem his fiancee? And I beleieve there is a huge difference between a fiancee and a concubine.

    Concubine means:
    : a woman with whom a man cohabits without being married: as a: one having a recognized social status in a household below that of a wife b: mistress

    Where as a fiancee means:
    : a woman engaged to be married


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