Teworos Taddese to be paid 1.25 mln. Birr

Tewodros  Taddesse will be paid 1.25 million Birr for the concerts he is going to present in Addis and other regional cities by Sol promotion, organizer of the event.


He is going to release a single entitled “Metahu”(I Came ). In a related news, Tewordos kassahun’s concert scheduled to be held at the Ghion Hotel is canceled. 



4 Responses

  1. teddy golden muscian


  2. congratulation Tedy
    I glad to hear new albem Metahu
    hope to hear soon
    Good bless you


  3. teddy wow just leave that crack alone and you will be fine,please leave the crack alone and donot sing after you got drunk.


  4. good voice good performance but wrong chouse of song title `metahu` believe me


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