The Poet behind curtains now on stage-Sisay Ze-legehare

To those observant Ethiopian literature fans or art enthusiasts the name Sisay Ze-legehare wouldn’t be strange. You may have come across his attractive poetry verses through literary grapevine or on a friend’s notebook. Having read his poetry pieces, which surely you appreciated, the only thing you may guess of his identity remains to be his being from Dire Dawa and leave the other details to be filled through time.

This unpublished young poet who has long been admired and whose poetry pieces circulated in absentia could now see the light of public stage with his new upcoming poetry anthology entitled “ለፍቅራችሁ” (For the Love You have Shown Me.)

Expecting to return with other details of the young poet in the next post, the book launch would be on Sunday January 12 at the Hager Fikir Theatre.




A poetry from the upcoming book- ‘Yelib Ayin'(The Heart’s Eye)

የልብ ዓይን

…. መች እንደሆን እንጃ….

ብቻ ከዛሬው ቀን – ከዚህ ዕለት በፊት፣

ፊትሽ ተቀምጬ – ተቀምጠሽ ከኔ ፊት…

በእንጭጭ ምልከታ – እያየሁሽ ባይኔ፣

“ጨረቃ መሳይ ነሽ” – ብዬሽ ከሆን ያኔ፣

ባክሽ ይቅር በይኝ – ዋሽቼሽ ነው እኔ!

ምናልባትም ትላንትና…..

እይታዬ ተጥበርብሮ፣

አብጄና አቅሌ ዞሮ…

ይሆን እንጂ ለደቂቃ፣

ኧረ አንቺስ ምንሽም – አይመስልም ጨረቃ!

እናም እርሺው ባክሽ – አምልጦኝ ነው በቃ!

አሁንማ ገብቶኝ – በቅጥ ሣስተውለው፣

ለካስ ጨረቃናት – አንቺን የምትመስለው!

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