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Teddy still in jail

Teddy Afro appeared at the court on Wednesday, May 22 wearing eyeglasses and a black t-shirt as usual. There was a long queue of people waiting to enter the court room. His mother was also present at the court for the first time.


Teddy’s case was adjourned to may 22 to hear the eyewitnesses the prosecutor would present. The prosecutor presented three police witnesses who are said to be on the spot at the time. The first witness told the court that he had seen one green car speeding in the middle of two Lada taxis hitting a man who fell drunk on the street and that he registered the car’s plate number. The other witness also testified that he saw the victim dead at the spot being called by his friend – the first witness. The third witness was a police who sketched a plan of the spot where the accident occurred.


From various reports published on the trial, it could be learnt that there are vivid inconsistencies between the facts the witnesses provided and that witnesses were not able to talk at ease.


Teddy stayed in kaliti for about one month and seven days and still remains there until the sluggish trial process comes up with a dead end.


Teddy was moving his head in disagreement and people in the court were murmuring on certain words of the witnesses. At the closing of the trial some people were saying “we love you Teddy”

22 thoughts on “Teddy still in jail

    Pess 4 EverTeddy Afro
    we love all Ethiopia,s


  2. stupid Woyane people have problem. Everybody does not like you. All Ethiopian hate woyane.

    Long live for Teddy, We will pray for you and God always with you. We love you. We always proud of you. Be strong Teddye
    You are my brother and my hero.

    Love for Teddy
    Death for Woyane


  3. hi Taddy you are still in gail i am sory about that but God help you b/c you are good person, ethipian people pray for you ok dont wory.

    good bless you


  4. hey tediye i am very sad that for what i hear but i hope u will be release one day may God be with u tediye we love u we will wait for the day u release from prison i misssssssssss uuuuuuuu tediye .


  5. hi teddy, im very happy that you are in jail and i hate all the amharu including you because you are resces mother fucker. im weyane and im very proud to be weyane so fuck all amharu i hope you will be pleded gulty and stay in jail for hole your life.


  6. Hi Teddy, I am very sad of what is going on you.God will be there for you and we are very sick of these Weyanes. God bless you and your country.We love you.


  7. Hi Teddy, I am very sad of what is going on you.God will be there for you and we are very sick of these Weyanes. God bless you and your country.We love u !!!!!


  8. Hi Teddy,
    I am so surprised to hear that you are in prison. What a shock!!! Well my heart goes out to you, your family, and fans all over the world. As most of my fellow Ethiopian’s stated, God is the key to everything. So I suggest we all have to pray for your freedom. You are not alone the lord is with you. You are not guilty until proven guilty. They can not accuse you based on circumstantial evidences. Sometimes we all have to pay some price for telling the truth. The truth is hard for people to handle. If you take a look at the bible, Jesus was crucified for telling the truth, St Paul was imprisoned for spreading the gospel of Jesus, and Joseph ended up in prison because he was falsely accused of sleeping with the king’s wife. However, if you take a good look at all this people, they have something in common, faith, hope and love, and their destiny was not prison rather a very high place. God has awarded each and every one of them and has granted them a special place. Therefore, I say to you do not worry, you are part of that group, you shall be proud. God had a reason and purpose in sending Joseph to prison, I am sure you have a mission while you are there. Just pray to know your mission and God will listen and answer your prayers. I can see the light shining upon you very soon. God has not given up on you; he knows that he put seeds of greatness in you. You have something to offer that nobody else has. Unfortunately, the enemy knows something about what is inside of you as well. He knows the potential you are carrying, so he does everything he can to keep that seed from taking a root. He does not want your gifts and talents to flourish. Just recognize that God is with you and keep fighting just like Mandela of (South Africa) and King David of the (bible). The way to fight is by keeping faith and hope alive and living by love. Love those who hate you, & pray for those who hurt you. After all Love wins against everything. Be not be afraid just believe and you shall be saved. Teddy, I may not know what you are going through, but I do know our God, and he is all powerful and that God is with you. He will send you his angels in your time of need. Who knows they might break the prison door and take you out, as they helped peter out of prison. I guarantee you; you will see God’s miracles. Anyways Teddy my dear brother, I will keep you in my prayer, soon we all will hear from you. Take care and God bless you!


  9. teddy ur a really good person u tough me to love my people, ugly or pretty, poor or rich, the only thing I would like to say to those people that arrested u is, please stop haten, yall now we all love teddy. I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO SHOW MY LOVE TO TEDDY AFRO!!!!! 😦


  10. To Tesf.. It is very shame to hear such insulting words from an ethiopian. You better think twice before you write your comments.




  12. Oh Teddy i dont think God said that u will be in jail i realy pray for anyone who are in jail but especaily for u i love u u are my hero,best friend and brother love me


  13. Teddy – God is watching do not worry you will be out of that hell hole even before you know it. I have keenly read about this whole issue and it is very clear that you have been framed of this! But as i beleive there is no greater power than the Almighty’s and he will definately grant you your right of freedom and justice will be definately be done. Just persevere and hold on for God is in control. This is a testing time for you and you have to have faith. Remeber it was prayer that helped get the prophet Jonah out of the whale’s stomach so also with you your faith and hope will get you out of prison. Teddy – God will be standing before you and with you in that courtroom on the final trial day and he will see you through this extremely difficult time in your life. Remember you are special and unique there is no one like you and there never will be any like you. God loves you, we love you and your country loves you. People around the world have joined hands in prayer for you so be rest assured God is listening. Everything under the sun has a time and when your time will come you will also be free. We are proud of you and your work. We love and respect you….and i pray day and night for you to be free and happy. Never give up or lose hope…keep fighting and holding on and always remember after every dark night comes a bright morning and in your case the morning will be coming soon. God has not abandoned you, he is leading you and he is aware of all the pain, distress and agony you are going through. He has counted your tears and heard your cry Teddy so just wait and see the Lord perform his miracle on you. He will bless you with his right hand…i really love you and wish you all the best… Hero and the king of my heart – that is you Tewodros


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